Couleur Peule


Photos taken in the Fulani village of Youroukou, North Benin. Kids went to class for the first time ever in September 2020 at their brand new school. Sedentary for less than a century, the Fulani of North Benin have come from bordering countries - here, from Nigeria. This generation is the first to warm the benches of a school. In this place kids will discover the things vital to their integration in the world but also to their freedom. If the alphabetization of the Fulani contributes majorly to their social inclusion, it is even more crucial for young girls. Their access to education pushes away forced and precocious marriages, potentially reduces birth rates (a Fulani woman has 10 children on average) and therefore saves a life from irreversible subjugation. With every young girl that goes to school, there is hope her child will one day get that chance.